MEMS Gyroscopes for Smart TVs


In today’s digital home, audio/video remotes require a simpler, more intuitive user interface to perform in one gesture what would have taken 6-10 mechanical button clicks to control and access content. 3D remote products can be used to simplify the navigation through screens, photos, music lists and other media. MEMS gyroscopes are used to provide a jitter-free, low-latency motion-based user experience due to their ability to deliver critical rotational information free of interference from magnetic fields and linear acceleration. As opposed to accelerometers and magnetic sensors, gyroscopes do not rely on external forces to measure the motion. They are the only sensors that can process motion completely independent of any external forces by providing their own vibrating energy source.

Key requirements for the dual-axis gyros used in remote control devices include low cost, low bias drift and high shock tolerance. The InvenSense MPU-3000 and MPU-6000 MEMS MotionProcessors meet these requirements with its 4x5x0.9mm package size, auto-calibration feature and 10,000g shock rating.

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