Application Software Engineer (Job ID: 12141)


InvenSense is the world leader in motion sensing solutions for mobile devices and we are seeking a Software Application Engineer to join our software team. This includes assisting customers with designs, providing training, debugging, assistance in integrating and improving software. The candidate should have the ability to support all sides of development of a software solution. This includes architecting a software solution to application development. Platforms that you will target range from a device level accelerator, to an MCU, to a complex multi-core smart phone. It exposes the candidate to the key players in the motion sensing industry.


  • Develop, Debug, Test and Support next generation tools at InvenSense which will allow customer/developers to use InvenSense Product and integrate in their solution easily. This includes easy user interface development to interface InvenSense senor(s) and software(s).
  • Develop application on Android, Windows-PC, IOS, MAC to demonstrate the InvenSense capability and application examples for software and hardware features on how to use the same in compelling applications
  • Help support InvenSense developer corner with technical support involving developer tools and sensor questions.

Requirements & Education:

  • BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics
  • Android application development familiar with UI, BLE interface, Database management, cloud messaging and data transfer to and from server
  • Windows application development using Visual studios
  • Able to work independently and self-motivated to deliver on time

Desired Skills:

  • Low-level Embedded, Firmware & Driver software development
  • Embedded Programming, Digital Signal Processing
  • Experience developing embedded code for mobile consumer platforms
  • Experience in real-time signal processing, epically related to physiological sensors or human wearable devices

To apply or learn more about this position, contact Human Resources. Please add the job title and job ID into the subject line for your e-mail.

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